What Makes Vinyl the Best Weatherproof Fence?

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Vinyl fencing is manufactured to withstand the weather and last a long time without having to do much maintenance. Strong winds, extreme heat or cold, wet weather, and sun have little to no effect on a properly installed vinyl fence with concrete footing.

Water can interact with metal to cause corrosion and rust. Metal is a great material for some uses, but it needs maintenance to protect it. The same is true with wood, but wood has other problems associated with it and water. In extremely dry areas, wood can dry out and change its shape, which adversely affects a fence. In places where rain is more common, the wood may absorb the moisture, and, when the sun dries it out, it can become brittle and splinter. Proper maintenance can compensate for these problems, but it involves the application of expensive, and possibly toxic, stains or paints.

In the story of the oak and the reed, the strong, tall oak breaks in the wind while the flexible reed withstands the windstorm. Wood and metal fences are strong, and, when built correctly, they can withstand strong winds. However, for privacy and the ability to withstand strong winds, vinyl makes the best choice. Its flexibility allows it to bend in the wind and regain its shape when the blowing is over.

In climates where the sun is a given, paints fade and colors turn less vibrant. Vinyl fences are engineered to keep their color for a lifetime without having to be retouched. This saves money on maintenance while providing you with a beautiful, durable fence.

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